Application and admission for MSc program Molecular Life Sciences: Microbiology, Biotechnology and Biochemistry

Admission qualification

Bachelor degree / Eligibility
Eligibility is demonstrated by

  • Holding an Bachelor or equivalent degree (180 ECTS or at least 3 years of full time studies) in Biosciences or a related field.
    Eligibility is defined by at least 125 ECTS in the field of life sciences thereof at least 75 ECTS (about 1800 hours) in Biology and at least 30 ECTS (about 750 hours) in Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry/Informatics
  • If the Bachelor studies are not finished before the end of the application period, eligibility will be assesed based on your current transcript of records (equivalent to at least 150 ECTS)

Reaching 150 C: If you cannot participate in examinations due to the Corona crisis and therefor cannot certify 150 C until 15.05. please submit a certification of your examination office containing name of the course and the amounts of credits / hours.

Proof of language proficiencies
For non-native speakers adequate language skills are demonstrated by

For applicants with a Bachelor's degree which is not acquired in the EU (non-EU applicants) submission of a GRE result sheets subject Biology is obligatory.


From winter 2019/20 the application and admission procedure for EU citizen and non-EU citizen is separated.

Lottery procedure

If there are still free places in the program past the regularly application procedure, these places are assigned by a lottery procedure. Applicants for the MSc/PhD program Molecular Life Sciences: Microbiology, Biotechnology and Biochemistry should register to apply for the lottery procedure via the online portal. Registration will be open from mid September to beginning of October