Application, eligibility requirements and selection procedure

Any student who is enrolled in a first degree programme or a consecutive Master degree programme within the standard course length can apply for this scholarship. The application can be lodged in the context of a degree programme or part-time degree programme, for which the applicants are enrolled in.
If you are enrolled in a B.A. (two subjects or teaching profession) course of study and study subjects that belong to two different faculties, you can only apply at one of the faculties with the respective subject.

Doctoral students are not eligible.

Application in two steps!

To lodge your application, first enter the required personal data in the online application form.

In a second step, you upload the required evidence including the signed cover sheet in the upload portal.

Please note: original documents must be presented as evidence upon request. Any data entered electronically of which proof in writing is not furnished in the correct form and/or in time cannot be considered in the selection process.
Please also note: any evidence in languages other than German or English must be presented in the form of a certified German translation.

Important: all data required must be entered completely and truthfully.

Change of the application
Should you discover that you have omitted something while filling in the application or that you would like to change something after you have sent off the form, you can do this until the application deadline.
Please keep in mind that the new signed cover page and the document which confirmed the change in the application has to be at the faculty until the application deadline.