DAAD Autumn School "BION International Biodiversity Congress 2014" from 11 - 20 September 2014 in Göttingen / Bonn

Participants of the DAAD Alumni Seminar "Establishment of innovative, multi-state and multi-national networks" at Göttingen, September 2014

SeTSAF hosted successfully a DAAD alumni seminar in Göttingen combined with the visit to the 1st BION International Biodiversity Congress in Bonn.

The Seminar focused on the "Establishment of innovative, multi-state and multi-national networks". In total, 24 DAAD-Alumni from 23 countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America attended the five-day meeting. Their basic and applied professional background in forestry, agriculture, biology and social sciences resulted in intensive, multi-dimensional discussions on current biodiversity issues.

The keynote speakers from the University of Göttingen (Hagen Andert, Niels Dreber, Dirk Gansert, Simone Pfeiffer, Matthias Waltert, and Patrick Weigelt) presented definitions, current standards and designs in functional biodiversity research with a focus on ecological studies. They linked the scientific activities to challenges in scientific management, foreign aid programs and land use management. The foci were complemented by a podium discussion on implications for international research collaboration chaired by Lukus Giessen, Vijesh Krishna, Ralph Mitlöhner, and Simone Pfeiffer.

The participants presented their work and network ideas in extended sessions and enjoyed time in informal meetings. The program was complemented by an excursion to the National Park Hainich including a visit of the crown trail and the DFG "Biodiversity Exploratories" field site.