B11 - Biodiversity enrichment in oil palm plantations: plant succession and integration (EFForTS-BEE)

The transformation of rainforests into oil palm plantations leads to dramatic losses in biodiversity and in ecological functioning. In order to test possibilities for alleviation, we established a biodiversity enrichment experiment by planting tree islands in an oil palm landscape, systematically varying plot size and species number. We study (1) tree dynamics and yield, and (2) plant successional trajectories. By integrating interdisciplinary and modelling studies, (3) we evaluate scenarios for upscaling and (4) synthesize the observed ecological and economic changes. Extended Summary

Trennblatt B11 a
B11 team in the house of the oil palm plantation manager in 2016 (from left to right):
Bambang Irawan, Clara Zemp, Hasbi Hasibuan [plantation manager], Dirk Hölscher, Holger Kreft,
Leti Sundawati, Juliandi

Trennblatt B11 b
View of one tree island from an unmanned aerial vehicle three years after tree planting, in 2016:
Oil palms surrounded by various native multi-purpose tree species