Bachelor theses

Themenvorschläge für Bachelorarbeiten


  • Monitoring Corruption: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Indonesia
    Olken (2007)
    Betreuer: Anna Gasten

  • Electoral Accountability and Corruption: Evidence from the Audits of Local Governments
    Ferraz & Finan (2011)
    Betreuer: Laura Barros

  • The Political Resource Curse
    Brollo et al. (2013)
    Betreuer: Laura Barros


  • Immigrants and the making of America
    Sequeira, Nunn & Qian (2020)
    Betreuer: Tobias Hellmundt

  • Temperature Shocks and Economic Growth: Evidence from the Last Half Century
    Dell, Jones & Olken (2012)
    Betreuer: Tobias Hellmundt

  • Building Nations through Shared Experiences: Evidence from African Football
    Depetris-Chauvin et al. (2020)
    Betreuer: Laura Barros


  • Intrahousehold Consumption Allocation and Demand for Agency: A Triple Experimental Investigation
    Afzal et al. (2018)
    Betreuer: Anna Gasten

  • Does the Election of a Female Leader Clear the Way for More Women in Politics?
    Baskaran & Hessami (2018)
    Betreuer: Laura Barros

  • The Power of Political Voice: Women's Political Representation and Crime in India
    Iyer et al. (2012)
    Betreuer: Laura Barros


  • Time versus State in Insurance: Experimental Evidence from Contract Farming in Kenya
    Casaburi & Willis (2018)
    Betreuer: Anna Gasten

Political Economy

  • Ethnic Diversity in Government and the Provision of Public Goods
    Beach & Jones (2017)
    Betreuer: Anna Gasten

  • The Economic Origins of Conflict in Africa
    McGuirk & Burke (2020)
    Betreuer: Tobias Hellmundt

  • The Non-Democratic Roots of Elite Capture: Evidence from Soeharto Mayors in Indonesia
    Martinez-Bravo, Mukherjee & Stegmann (2017)
    Betreuer: Tobias Hellmundt

  • The Political Boundaries of Ethnic Divisions
    Bazzi & Gudgeon (2021)
    Betreuer: Tobias Hellmundt

  • The Violent Consequences of Trade-Induced Worker Displacement in Mexico
    Dell et al. (2015)
    Betreuer: Tobias Hellmundt

  • Trafficking Networks and the Mexican Drug War
    Dell (2015)
    Betreuer: Tobias Hellmundt

  • The Local Political Economy Effects of School Construction in Indonesia
    Martinez-Bravo (2017)
    Betreuer: Laura Barros

  • Money and Politics: The Effects of Campaign Spending Limits on Political Entry and Competition
    Avis et al. (2022)
    Betreuer: Laura Barros


  • Moving to Opportunity or Isolation? Network Effects of a Randomized Housing Lottery in Urban India
    Barnhardt, Field & Pande (2017)
    Betreuer: Anna Gasten