Bioclimatological seminar - dates and topics

The seminar takes place at 2:15 PM in room FSR 2.7 (Büsgenweg 2, top floor, Department of Bioclimatology). All presentations are in English (except it is identified otherwise).


  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Knohl
    «Overview of activities of the Bioclimatology group.»

  • Jonathan Jürgensen
    «Effects of height and season on the oxidative ratio in a temperate beech forest (Leinefelde).»

  • Dr. Ashehad Ali
    «Quantifying carbon and water fluxes of tropical forests and rubber plantations at large spatial scales using CLM5.»

  • Dr. Fernando Moyano
    «Soil respiration in Hainich between 2016 and 2018»

  • Christian Bernhofer (TU Dresden)
    «Flux climatology - using long-term flux data for climate analysis»

  • Yuan Yan
    «The driving of photosynthetic O2: CO2 ratio in C3 plant»

  • Rahmi Ariani
    «Evaluating soil parameterization in CLM4.5 in regards to land use change in Jambi province.»

  • Dr. Christian Stiegler
    «Groundwater table dynamics at 12 Indonesian riparian locations in Jambi province (Sumatra).»
  • Justus van Ramshorst
    «CO2 flux comparison of agroforestry and monoculture systems + first impression/results of updated towers.»

  • Florian Heimsch
    «The annual carbon uptake of a montane rainforest in Sulawesi.»
  • Rijan Tamrakar
    «Are carbon dioxide fluxes of diverse forests more resilient to droughts?»