Colloquium for degree theses

According to the examination regulations for the Master´s programme “Finance, Accounting and Taxation” students who prepare a Master Thesis are, in addition to the written thesis, obliged to attend the Colloquium as well as to present their thesis. If the students cannot verify their attendance at the Colloquium or if they do not present their thesis, their Master Thesis will be evaluated with “unsatisfactory” (5,0) according to § 6 II of the examination regulations for the Master`s programme “Finance, Accounting and Taxation”. The obligation to attend the Colloquium applies for all Colloquia during the respective cycle of the respective thesis period. The Division registers every participant of the Colloquium on an attendance sheet. Absence from the Colloquium due to illness has to be verified by a doctor`s certificate.

Please find advice and information concerning the Colloquium`s contents in the UniVZ as well as under “News” on the homepage.