• Matthiesen, F., & Bögeholz, S. (2020). EFForTS-Education – Knowledge Transfer regarding Research on Tropical Lowland Rainforest Transformation Systems into Indonesian Teacher Education. Tropentag 2020. A Virtual Conference. ATSAF e.V. Germany. 09.09.-11.09.2020. (Abstract: https://www.tropentag.de/2020/abstracts/links/Matthiesen_xwNp8RPD.pdf)
  • Matthiesen, F., Müller, T., Buchori, D., & Bögeholz, S. (2019). Integrating Land Use Change Issues into Indonesian Teacher Education – Transfer of Knowledge gained by EFForTS. 21. Internationale Frühjahrsschule der Fachsektion Didaktik der Biologie, 18.03.-21.03.2019. Bonn. (Abstract: https://www.fjs2019.uni-bonn.de/beitraege/tagungsband-fjs-2019.pdf)

  • Präsentationen
  • Matthiesen, F. (2021). Land-Use Change in Indonesia as Socio-Scientific Issue for Higher Education – Conceptual Approach and Preliminary Evaluation Results of the EFForTS Public Relation (PR) Project, Keynote UNJA Workshop and Webinar for Lecturers, University of Jambi, 02.-5.11.2021. Jambi.

  • Matthiesen, F. (2021). Teaching and Learning Biology during the COVID-19 Pandemic – Current State of Digital (Teacher and School) Biology Education in Germany. Keynote BioExpo 2021, University of Jambi, 27.-28.03.2021. Jambi.

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    Fig.: UNJA Workshop and Webinar 2021.