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Contracts for Work and Labour

Welcome to the University’s website on the subject of „contracts for work and labour, and service”.

The following remarks, forms, information and listing should support you in applying for a contract for service or work and labour.
One criterion for closing a contract for service is the non-success-related performance of an independent service or one directed by others.

Against this, a contract for work and labour is defined by the success-related production of a workmanship or job. Generally, the payment will be made after bringing about the assigned success.
Further information and support on the difference of the two types of contract is provided in the form „Information on Closing Contracts for Service or Work and Labour““, which can be found at the Form Centre of the Employees’ Portal (MaP). There you may also find the following forms:

- Application for Issuing of a Contract for Work and Labour or Service with Individuals
- Application for Issuing a Contract for Work and Labour or Service with Foreign Contact Partners
- Test scheme for quasi-self-employment
- Positive/Negative List

This is how you send the filled out application for a contract for service or work and labour and the requested documents to us.
You may send an email including the respective forms to the following address
You upload the filled out forms to the contact form and send those on this way.

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