Virtual courses at Göttingen University

  • Intercultural Learning is an exciting journey acquiring skills and knowledge, gaining insights and changing perspectives, both personally and professionally. The team at the Intercultural Learning Lab ICL invites students of all faculties to explore and broaden their own intercultural competencies through various courses, conducted in German and English:
    • Workshops and Virtual Exchanges
    • Train-the-trainer courses and the certificate intercultural trainer
    Courses are free of charge and open to all students of the University of Göttingen.

    See the courses of the Intercultural LearningLab

  • Be it a protocol or a master’s thesis, studying without writing is simply impossible. The International Writing Lab helps you with all your writing questions. They support all students at the University of Göttingen in working on their current writing projects and developing academic and professional writing skills. On their page you can find information about writing consultations, workshops and certificates.

    See the courses of the International Writing Lab

  • ZEWIL is a central academic unit of the University of Göttingen. It aims to further develop the connections of educational sciences, educational psychology and teacher education to establish comprehensive teacher education and interdisciplinary research.

    See ZEWIL

  • The Central Institute for Languages and Transferable Skills (ZESS) is committed to providing the students of the University of Göttingen with the necessary skill sets and capacity for growth by utilizing an interdisciplinary approach in the teaching of higher-education level foreign languages, general transferable skills and IT-supported academic work (ZESS-IT).

    See ZESS

  • ENLIGHT is a European University formed by nine comprehensive, research-intensive universities from nine European countries sharing a deep commitment to social responsibility. ENLIGHT aims to undertake a fundamental transformation of European higher education that empowers learners as globally engaged citizens with state-of-the-art knowledge, skills, and innovation potential to tackle major societal transitions and to promote equitable quality of life and sustainability.

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  • As part of a project funded by central study quality funds, academics in different faculties have created new modules or further developed existing ones in order to enable students to gain an international experience independent of a stay abroad. Some of these modules are offered as virtual exchanges and are part of the curricula of different study programmes.

    An overview of the completed curriculum development projects can be found here