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Creativity and Studies

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Look forward to a new competition. You can find detailed information about the competition here in the winter semester 2024/2025.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information: E-Mail.

We look forward to your projects!

This funding opportunity calls on all students (except for PhD students) who, aside from their studies, have interesting ideas for a project that they would like to realize either individually or as a team. The project should relate to a scope wider than the degree subject.

Students from all university faculties have the opportunity to realize creative and unconventional projects. The projects may be carried out with partners from other institutions or businesses, and may involve international cooperation. This being said, a socially-relevant project is desirable.

The next deadline for entries will will probably be in January 2025.

We are looking for cooperative student projects that go beyond university studies and specific subjects. The goals can be e.g. the solution of a problem or the concept of an innovative research idea. Typical projects that can be funded are workshops, creative work groups or conferences. They can focus on e.g.:

  • social commitment and cooperative or cross-cultural projects
  • rethinking multidisciplinarity: finding approaches that go beyond specific subjects
  • developing innovative networks and exchange programs
  • proving new ideas in practice: innovations as new processes, practices or structures
  • enriching the university (e.g. in the department of Student and Academic Services) and the society with students' ideas

Important: What kind of projects cannot be funded?

  • projects that do not correspond with the sponsorship goals – e.g. business start-ups or projects targeting at financial profit
  • projects solely consisting of the funding of a club or the payment of salaries (particularly of team members)
  • projects focussing on the members' graduations and not containing any public utility

Please present your project proposals in no more than five pages. Explain your planned project and highlight the goals you want to achieve with it.

The following documents are required:

  • brief description of the planned project and motivation
  • detailed time schedule and planning of the project phases
  • detailed and explaining financial plan (what are the requested funds needed for – funding amount max. 5000 Euro) – use the following template for this: template financial plan
  • short CV with a description of the current study situation
  • informal agreement to the publication of a mandatory final report (transfer of rights to the University of Göttingen) as well as to the preparation of semester-by-semester interim reports

Important: Only complete applications will be considered for the funding decision.
Please also read the FAQ's on creativity in studies.

If you cannot find an answer to your question in the FAQ list, you can contact the Creativity in Studies team. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail: kreativitaet-im-studium[at]

In case of technical problems in the application portal, please take a screenshot of the error message. If it is not possible for you to apply via eCampus/the application portal, please submit your complete application in electronic form (e.g. as a PDF document) and send it together with the screenshot of the error message by e-mail with the subject "Creativity/your surname" to kreativitaet-im-studium[at]

All enrolled students of the University of Göttingen (except for PhD students) can submit an application.

An independent committee, in which students are also represented, decides on the selection of projects each semester. In addition to the quality and creative content of the projects, social aspects and those that take diversity into account are also welcome in the selection process. There is no right of appeal against the decision of the committee. Two calls for proposals are planned each year. The funds are earmarked for the respective project. Funding can be awarded to individual students as well as to student teams. The funding decision is made in the same semester and the funded projects are subsequently published.

The AKB Stiftung

The program is made possible by the AKB Foundation (charitable foundation of the Carl-Ernst Büchting family), with whose support a fund has been established for the implementation of such projects: More information about AKB Foundation.

Award ceremony Creativity and Studies at the yearly academic celebration on December 7th 2023

Prämierung KiS 2023 Photo: Peter Heller

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