Cross-Cultural Project Management in ICT (TeleManagement Forum)

Partner: TeleManagement Forum

Project duration: 04/2009 – 04/2011

Methods: Expert interviews, surveys, advanced statistical methods.

Description and results:

Statistics show that 70% of IT projects are either out of time or budget or simply fail. With such perspectives, measures ought to be taken to avoid the replication of this pattern. Efforts should be aimed to find out the relevant skills, practices and knowledge necessary to avoid pitfalls in the implementation of projects in the Information, Communications and Technology industries.

The George-August-University Gottingen is concerned with the low-rate of success with IT projects. The Chair of Information Management is proposing a multi-country analysis of IT projects with the intention of deriving a cross-cultrual framework for best practices to improve the overall success rate. TM Forum members are invited to participate in this research conducted by an impartial team of scientific experts.