Curriculum vitae

Name: Gerold, Gerhard
Position: Professor, C4
Address: Geographisches Institut
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen,
Goldschmidtstr. 5, 37077 Göttingen
Room: 365
Birth date: 03.03.49

1.1 Professional History

1967- 1972 Studies in Geography and Mathematics
1972 First University Degree (state examination)
1973- 1978 Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Geography at the University of Hannover
1978 Degree as a Doctor in Natural Science
1979- 1987 Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Geography at the University of Hannover
1987 July Appointment as a Professor (C2) for Applied Physical Geography at the University of Göttingen
1988 June Appointment as a Professor (C3) for Landscape Ecology and Soil Science at the University of Karlsruhe
1990 Sept. Appointment as a Professor (C4) for Physical Geography, Department of Landscape Ecology at the University of Göttingen (C4)
1991- 2014 since Oct. Head of the Department of Landscape Ecology at the University of Göttingen (C4 Professor)
1997 Aug. Appointment as a Profesor (C4) for Physical Geography at the University of Kiel
1998 since Aug. Renewal of contract as Head of Department of Landscape Ecology at the University of Göttingen (C4 Professor)
2014 since Oct. scientific project leader at the University of Göttingen

1.2 Current research area

• Landscape ecological evaluation
• Agro-ecological assessment
• Assessment of soil quality, soil erosion and soil protection
• Water balance and nutrient turnover in catchments
• Water- and nutrient turnover in forest ecosystems of the humid tropics (South America, West Africa, Indonesia)

Projects in foreign countries
• I.E.-FIBL: „Soil-degradation in relation to land-use-systems in different tropical ecosystems (Yungas and humid lowlands of Bolivia)“; projects of diploma- and master-students
• DFG: “Restoration of degraded pastures with Capoeira enrichment in Eastern Amazon (Brazil) (Dr. St. Hohnwald, Dipl.-Geogr. T. Krummel)”
• DFG: “Landuse, Forest conversion and Rainforest Protection – Analysis and GIS-modelling on future development” (Dipl.-Biol. Robert Müller)
• DFG-SFB552: “Stability of rainforest margins in Indonesia”; speaker Gerold (1999-2003) with projects: B2 “The influence of pedo-hydrological changes on the water and nutrient cycle in catchment areas”, Ph.-D. Carsten Gutzler; Z3 “Central Laboratory Unit” (Gerold/Grotheer); scientist and director of laboratory Dipl.-Agrar Stefan Köhler
• GTZ: “Integrated management of water resources in the oasis Béni Abbès – Pedohydrological analysis of “Biohumus” for traditional irrigation systems and sand dune stabilization, 11.2007 – 12.2009 (Dipl.-Geogr. Th. Kellner)

International Contacts
• Instituto de Ecologia – UMSA La Paz (research projects, development curriculum M.Sc. binational)
• Universidad Cochabamba – UMSS (AGRUCO – Agroecologia)
• FAN and FCBC (NGO´s in Santa Cruz, Bolivia)
• Université Cocody-Abidjan and Centre des Recherches et d´Application en Teledetecion, Abidjan – Cote d´Ivoire
• IPB (Bogor) and UNTAD (Palu) – Indonesia
• Thai Nguyen University – Vietnam
• Further contacts without contracts: Universidad Central (Ecuador), Universidad Tecnologia de Pereira and Univ. Nacional (Columbia), Universidad de San Carlos (Guatemala), INVIC Caracas (Venezuela), CEBAS-CISC Murcia (Spain), CEH Windemere (UK)

1.3 Memberships and honorary posts

• CAIAAH (Centro Amazonico de Investigaciones Ambientales Alejandro Humboldt-Venezuela
• CIMA (Comision Internacional del Medio Ambiente – Bolivia)
• CeTSAF (Centre for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture and Forestry – Göttingen)
• Centre of Protection of Nature (Göttingen)
• Centre for Biodiversity Research and Ecology (Göttingen)
• Editor in Chief GEO-ÖKO (since 2006)
• Advisory Board Landscape Online
• Member of Scientific Board Society for Tropical Ecology
• Member of Scientific Board VGDH
• Member of LEOPOLDINA (Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher, since 2008)

Published Books:

Schneider-Sliwa, R., Schaub, D., Gerold, G. (1999) (eds.): Angewandte Landschaftsökologie. Grundlagen und Methoden. Springer Verlag., Berlin, 560 p.

Gerold, G. (2000) (eds.): Heterogenität landschaftshaushaltlicher Wasser- und Stoffumsätze in Einzugsgebieten. EcoRegio H.8, Göttingen, 137 p.

Gerold, G., Sutmöller, J., Krüger, J.-P., Herbst, M., Busch, G., Peschke, G., Zimmermann, S., Etzenberg, C., Töpfer, J. (2003): Reliefgestützte und wissensbasierte Regionalisierung in der Hydrologie. EcoRegio 6, Göttingen, 117 S.

Gerold, G., Fremerey, M., Guhardja, E. (2003) (eds.): Land use, nature conservation and the stability of rainforest margins in Southeast Asia. Springer Verlag, Berlin, 533 p.