Data Science at RTG 2756 CYTAC

Virtual Lab (VL) is a central data platform of the RTG. It comprises information about the experimental and theoretical work by the RTG members. VL hosts different types of information, for example, details of the protein purification and labeling, cell culture and stainings, genetic modifications, code for data processing/analysis or for simulations. These data also include trials that did not work, as this information can be beneficial to plan further work. The VL is not merely another data storage space, but shall make procedures, examples, and information necessary for successful research in biological physics accessible. VL User Meetings take place once a semester.

Contact: Dr. Yoav Pollack

RTG 2756 Dataverse preserves the research data that are part of the publications by the RTG members. Participating in the cooperation between the Dataverse Project and Göttinger eResearch Alliance enables the RTG students to make their data visible on the internet and available to other researchers, journals and institutions.

Contact: Dr. Anna Strotseva-Feinschmidt

The RAw DAta Review meeting aims to help the RTG members with the data analysis, biostatistics and R. Together with the RTG data scientist Dr. Yoav Poallack RTG students have the possibility to explore their data, to review statistical procedures and to learn about the best practices of data visualization and presentation.

Contact: Dr. Yoav Pollack