DFG-Exhibition "Vernetzte Natur" at SeTSAF


From 19th of February until 17th of April 2015, CBL-SeTSAF hosted the exhibition "Vernetzte Natur" of the German Research Foundation (DFG). It allowed fascinating insights into the area of biodiversity research. Seventeen panels presented eight cooperative projects of the DFG. The exhibition visualized in a clear and interactive way the major questions addressed by recent functional biodiversity research. It demonstrated the methods applied and explains why this topic is of regional, national, and international importance.
Hornbill, codling, or coral -- a fascinating world is ready to be discovered!

Guided tours were arranged for workgroups and school classes, followed by the opprtunity to ask questions and discuss the topics addressed.

We once again thank our visitors for their interest and the fruitful discussions!