Religion und Bildung in den koptischen Klöstern Ägyptens. Untersuchungen zu den Begriffen für "lehren" und "lernen" in der koptischen Mönchsliteratur

Her doctoral project focuses on the investigation and description of the terminologically rich Coptic vocabulary denoting education. By gathering relevant instances in monastic literature, as well as etymologically and semantically defining key terms of teaching and education, such as “learning”, “school”, and “wisdom”, more light will be shed on the ideas and conceptions of erudition, tuition, and knowledge.

Terms like “learning” and “teaching”, as well as related vocabulary, loom large in Coptic literature, above all in monastic texts. For, on the one hand, it was the duty of monks and nuns in different communities to learn passages of the Scriptures by heart; on the other, religious instruction was part of daily life in the monasteries.