Double Sponsorship for Göttingen Law Clinic by CMS

The CMS-Foundation provides even two applications on recommendation of Professor Dr Mann, who is responsible for the management of the Law Clinic at the Göttingen Faculty of Law. Within their funding-programs CMS is sponsoring in the rooms of Göttinger Tafel open access to the beck-online recherche-tool from October 2017 for legal advisers, where access to Beck-online was previously not available and lead to extra costs. Secondly, CMS-foundation supports law students a preparatory block seminar to optimize the client meetings. The hand-on training sessions in November and December 2017, held by the cooperating lawyers Dr Uwe Betjen and Tobias Weissenborn, will prepare the students to focus on certain questions and dialogue techniques for a confidential and efficient investigation of the facts. The benefits both are obvious: growing professionalism and practical experience of the students on the one hand and faster, more efficient and better legal services for the increasing number of clients on the other hand.
The CMS-foundation was established by the international commercial law firm CMS Hasche Sigle with the objective to guarantee all people regardless of financial and social barriers equal access to justice. Due to their global aim they promote cooperation between judicial authorities and encourage non-profit organizations in the field of law with the award of grant funds and financial contributions on applying on the principle of equality. Further information can be found at
(Marita Schwahn)