Curriculum Vitae

Since 2024 Scientific Assistant
Department of Conservation Biology, University of Göttingen

2021-2024 Lecturer
for basic botany and nature conservation at University of Applied Science (HAWK) in Göttingen

2010 - 2024 Scientific Assistant
Department Vegetation and Phytodiversity Analysis (focus on teaching and projects), University of Göttingen

2021-2022 Scientific Assistant
liveScience³ Project by Goettingen International – Conception, Organisation and Moderation of Summer Schools and Excursions, University of Göttingen

2017-2024 Freelance Biologist

2018 PhD in Biology (Dr. rer. nat)
Department Vegetation and Phytodiversity Analysis, University of Göttingen

Thesis: Ecological analysis of large floristic and plant-sociological datasets – opportunities and limitations.

2009 Diploma in Biology
University of Göttingen


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