Dr. M. Teresa Aguado (Curator)

Research lines

Invertebrate systematics (mainly annelids and Platyhelminthes)
Evolution and development of annelids

Selected publications

  • Passos-Ribeiro, R., Ponz-Segrelles, G., Bleidorn, C., Aguado, M.T. Comparative transcriptomics in Syllidae (Annelida) indicates that posterior regeneration and regular growth are comparable, while anterior regeneration is a distinct process. BMC Genomics. 2019; 20: 855. doi: 10.1186/s12864-019-6223-y

  • Aguado M.T., Capa M., Lago-Barcia D., Gil J., Pleijel F., Nygren, A. Species delimitation in Amblyosyllis (Annelida, Syllidae). PLOS ONE . 2019;14(4): e0214211.

  • Ponz-Segrelles, G., Bleidorn, C., Aguado, M.T. 2018. Expression of vasa, piwi , and nanos during gametogenesis in Typosyllis antoni (Annelida, Syllidae). Evolution & Development. 2018; 20: 132-145.

  • Brugler, M., Aguado, M.T.,Tessler, M., Siddall, M. 2018. The transcriptome of the Bermuda fireworm Odontosyllis enopla (Annelida: Syllidae): A unique luciferase gene family and putative epitoky-related genes. PLoS ONE. 2018; 13(8): e0200944.

  • Ribeiro, R.P., Bleidorn, C., Aguado, M.T. 2018. Regeneration mechanism in Syllidae (Annelida). Regeneration. 2018; 5: 26-42.

  • Aguado, M.T., Grande, C., Gerth, M., Bleidorn, C. & Noreña, C. 2016. Characterization of the complete mitochondrial genomes from Polycladida (Platyhelminthes) using next-generation sequencing. Gene. 2016; 575: 199 - 205.

  • Weidhase, M., Beckers, P., Bleidorn, C., Aguado, M.T. 2016. On the role of the proventricle region in reproduction and regeneration in Typosyllis antoni (Annelida: Syllidae). BMC Evolutionary Biology. 2016; 16(1), p.196.

  • Aguado, M.T., Richter, S., Sontowski, R. Golombek, A. Struck, T.H., Bleidorn, C. 2016. Syllidae mitochondrial gene order is unusually variable for Annelida. Gene. 2016; 594 - 1: 89-96.

  • Aguado, M.T., Glasby, C., Schroeder, P., Weigert, A., Bleidorn, C. 2015. The making of a branching annelid: an analysis of complete mitochondrial genome and ribosomal data of Ramisyllis multicaudata. Scientific reports. 2015; srep12072.

  • Aguado, M.T., San Martín, G. & Siddall, M. 2012. Systematics and Evolution of syllids (Annelida, Syllidae). Cladistics. 2012; 28: 234-250.

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