Dr. Miriam Wenner

Research Interests:


-         Socio-ecological and political transformation

-          Global inequality, Global Production Networks and Labour Regimes

-          Governance and regulation

-          State-society relations, public authority, and legitimacy

-          Social movements and democracy

-          Rrgionalism, Belonging and Identity

I am a Human Geographer researching processes of political, socio-economic, and ecological transformation and change, and the contestations about space, authority, and identities which these entail. In my research I focus on South Asia, especially on Nepal and northern India.

I am especially interested in how political, economic, and social orders evolve in time-space specific contexts, how these processes are contested by different actors at different scales, and in the socially and spatially differentiated outcomes of these contestations. One major interest lies with the role of moral values and how they inflect upon the political and economic conduct of different actors.

Empirically, I research transformations with a view on (i) Global Production Networks, voluntary sustainability standards and Labour Regimes and (ii) social movements, local political orders and processes of democratisation.

My fields of interest include: relations between ethics, ecology, politics/economy, and space; diverse economies; public authority, informal sovereigns, and legitimacy; social movements and spatial justice; regionalism and geographical imaginations.