Current Research Foci

  • Animal Welfare from an economic perspective
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Behavioral Insights and Public Policy
  • Consumer Policy

Topics for Degree Theses
The suggestions represent broad subject areas. The precise topics will be assigned to each student after consultation.

  • Digital Behavioral Design – Opportunities and Pitfalls of Behaviorally-Informed Policy Interventions in Digital Environments (BA/MA).
  • Social Influence Online – Sources and Impacts of “Social Presence Elements” in Digital Environments (MA).
  • “Keeping It Real”– Can Simulated Virtual Supermarkets Enhance the Level of Realism in Experimental Consumer Research? (BA/MA)
  • “Innovation from bottom-up” – The Impact of Grassroots Innovations for the Development of “Regional Food Frames” (RFF). (MA)