Ralph Henger

Dissertation Topic
Design Options for Developing a System of Tradeable Planning Permits in Germany

Brief Description
The German Federal Government has committed itself to reducing the growth of settlement and traffic areas from 115 hectares (2001-2004) to 30 hectares per day until 2020. In order to attain this goal, financial mechanisms are to be added to the traditional instrument of planning. In this regard a system of tradable planning permits (TPP) seems to be a promising instrument.
The dissertation will discuss the theoretical basics of tradable permit systems and will consider the practicability of different regulatory options of a TPP scheme. Necessary requirements and conditions for a cost-effective realisation of given environmental policy targets in land use regulation will be provided. A focus will be on an analysis of the ecological effectiveness of alternative systems. Soil protection by TPP must include spatial aspects as the relationship between the changes of soil functions with its resultant environmental impact. But theoretical predicted efficiency gains of a properly designed and complex trading program can be exceeded by high implementation, administrative and transaction costs. Thus, the dissertation will develop economic criteria which will enable a theoretical and empirical evaluation of different TPP systems.

Dissertation Period
2006 - 2010