Associated to WP3 of the EFForTS Central Scientific Support Project Z02, I support the statistical and molecular analyses of canopy arthropod collections. My training extends to all levels of WP3 associated students, from BSc, MSc to PhD level, and frequently includes students from Indonesia within the EFForTS Access-and-Benefit Sharing (ABS) framework. I also contribute to publications within Z02 WP3.

EFForTS publications:
  • Junggebauer A, Hartke TR, Ramos D, Schaefer I, Buchori D, Hidayat P, Scheu S, Drescher J (2021) Changes in diversity and community assembly of jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae) after rainforest conversion to rubber and oil palm plantations.
  • Kreider JJ, Chen TW, Hartke TR, Buchori D, Hidayat P, Nazarreta R, Scheu S, Drescher J (2021) Rainforest conversion to monocultures favors generalist ants with large colonies. Ecosphere 12: e03717
  • Nazarreta R, Hartke TR, Hidayat P, Scheu S, Buchori D, Drescher J (2020) Rainforest conversion to smallholder plantations of rubber or oil palm leads to species loss and community shifts in canopy ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Myrmecological News 30: 175-186
  • Rizqulloh MN, Drescher J, Hartke TR, Potapov A, Scheu S, Hidayat P, Widyastuti R (2021) Effects of rainforest transformation to monoculture cash crops on soil living ants (Formicidae) in Jambi Province, Sumatra, Indonesia. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 771: 012031