Yayan Wahyu C. Kusuma is a researcher at Research Center for Ecology and Ethnobiology - BRIN, majoring in Molecular Ecology and Conservation. He was an alumnus of Goettingen University and joined the B06 group during his study in Goettingen focusing on phylogenetic diversity and structure of the understorey communities in Sumatra.

The topic of his project is to examine the genetic diversity (B14) of several incoming native and invasive plant species onto the island forests (B11) and compare them with the native species in the forest (suspected as the parental sources) and invasive species in oil palm and rubber plantations (B06). He also wants to examine genetic diversity and structure of several endangered tree species found in the two primary forests (Hutan Harapan and Bukit Dua Belas National Parks) (B06 and B14). He will mainly work with SNP markers but also with SSR for this study.