Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Yves Zinngrebe investigates sustainable land use governance systems and incentive systems for transformation of social-ecological systems. In his work on biodiversity policy in Peru he researched political discourse (Zinngrebe, 2016a, b), the integration of policy sectors (Zinngrebe, 2018), governance systems for land use planning and adaptive capacities in local communities in the Amazon region (Rodriguez et al. 2018), policy strategy development (Zinngrebe, 2017) and research in the UN-driven BioTrade approach. These studies are based on qualitative interviews, focus group analyses, participatory observation, document analysis and other data studied using various analytical methods such as qualitative coding with MaxQDA software, grounded theory and other innovative social science approaches. Another focus is European agricultural policy, in which publications on Greening and Ecological Priority Areas (Zinngrebe et al. 2017, Pe'er et al. 2017, Lakner et al. 2017) have been expanded by work on the Gap's Fitness Check (Pe'er et al. 2017b). Dr. Zinngrebe was also responsible for the collection and analysis of interviews. His special interests are international biodiversity governance and science-politics interface processes. He has taken on responsibility (coordination) in the networks on "Rethinking Biodiversity Governance", "Biodiversity Science Policy Interface (BSPIN) Network" and the iDiv-controlled group on the Common Agricultural Policy.

Research Specialisations

  • Biodiversity Policy Integration
  • Policy Instruments, Incentive systems and their effectiveness
  • Sustainability science and Transformation of social-ecological systems
  • Governance and environmental discourses
  • Conservation and the EU Common Agricultural Policy
  • Science-Policy-Interfaces, CBD, IPBES
  • Geographic experiences particularly in Deutschland, Peru and Latin America


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