e-Radschnellwege - Umstiege erleichtern

Partner: Stadt Göttingen,

Project duration: 12/2012 - 04/2016

Funder: BMVI

Methods: Acceptance Studies


The project`s aim is to assess the requirements users of pedelecs or eBikes impose on the infrastructure. In this context, a corresponding improvement of the used infrastructure could increase the acceptance of Pedelecs considerably. As a result, users could change their desired choice of transport mode from cars to pedelecs in the future.
Within the scope of the project, the usage pattern before and after the adjustment of the infrastructure will be recorded. Moreover, the bicycle path of the metropolitan region will be digitally sampled to analyze the suitability for pedelecs in the light of higher average speeds etc. Another component of the project is the examination of the impacts resulting from measures to promote the pedelec traffic. This particularly involves the effects on other means of traffic, the streetscape and the carbon footprint of the traffic sector

For that reasons, the project examines the following research questions:

  • How must the existing infrastructure be adjusted to support the use of pedelecs and eBikes? What are the recommended legal and technical standards?
  • What are the relevant influencing factors and barriers influencing the acceptance and adoption of pedelecs and eBikes for commuters?
  • What are the ecological and economic benefits by investing in the pedelec and eBike infrastructure?
  • Is the current bicycle infrastructure sufficiently developed for a rising number of pedelecs and eBikes? What are the necessary measurements to adjust the infrastructure?