Education of Chemical Laboratory Assistants

We educate for us and our cooperation partners in Goettingen
Chemical Laboratory Assistants.

Precondition is real school completion or graduation from high school.

Before the beginning of the education an aptitude test takes place.

Duration of Education : 3 to 3,5 years
Content of Education :
-handling of chemicals
-physical analyses
-chemical analyses
-qualitative analyses
-preparative cooking
-choice qualification after the basic education

Internal Education :
-learning strategies
-chemical mathematics

In the first education year two times per week,
and from the second year one time per week
visiting of a vocational school is required.

At our cooperation partners also a part of the education takes place,
e.g. the choice qualification.

Working Hours : 7.00-15.30/16.00 h
Cooperation Partners : Sartorius Company / Noth-West-German Forestry Research Institute

Recent apprendices: Johanna Reiß and Jonas Meyer.

Some of our former apprendices

Auszubildende AL

Sandra Bornemann; Kristine Sprenger; Dennis Kohl; Katharina Heuerding; Laura Garske