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Equal Opportunities Office at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

The equal opportunities representative at the University of Göttingen offers counselling and advice and provides support to the University in reducing existing disadvantages to women in its workforce. The work of the equal opportunities representative takes place at an interdisciplinary level and extends to many essential parts of university administration: work in governing bodies and councils participation in the employment procedure for researchers and administrators, addressing complaints from female employees, helping to reconcile the demands of family, profession and student status, developing guidelines for the support of women in the workplace, public relations, coordinating the work of decentralized women´s representatives in the faculties and institutes as well as providing support to women´s groups.
The equal opportunities representative is supported in her work by a equal opportunities bureau which works as both a contact point and information center for female University members. The office provides information on women´s issues and research and also on women´s groups and projects. Journals, flyers, and books on many subjects related to women´s issues are made available as current reference material. The equal opportunities bureau also offers classes for women and events organized by and for women. It provides support for the work of women´s groups and for the equal opportunities representatives in the Faculties and institutes.