Erasmus + Participants with disabilities

  • The top-up is intended to support participants with a disability (starting from GdB 20) or chronic illness.
  • Regardless of the programme country, a monthly grant of €250 can be awarded.
  • Please take advantage of our advisory service. We will be happy to inform you about the application procedure and what kind of proof is required.
  • Not combineable with the top-up Participants with children.
  • Combineable with the top-up Green Travel.
  • Combineable with the top-up Outgoing Trainees.
  • Participants with a disability can submit an individual application.
  • Please take advantage of our advisory service. We will support you in the application process. The application for costs must be submitted by us to the National Agency (NA DAAD) 2 months before the start of the mobility.
  • Preparatory travel (incl. accompanying person) and additional costs incurred abroad during the mobility are eligible for funding up to EUR 15,000/semester and EUR 30,000/year respectively.
  • What is part of the foreign-related additional costs in the event of impairment?
    1. Travel costs: car costs, taxi costs, flight costs, train costs
    2. Accommodation: Rent
    3. Assistance: travel expenses, hourly wage, accommodation
    4. Medical advice
    5. Didactic material


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