Erich Auerbach Visiting Chair for World Literature

The establishment of a Visiting Chair for World Literature is planned for the winter semester 2023/24. Each semester, the visiting chair will be filled by a renowned scholar. The DAAD is planning to provide financial support for the visiting professorship. More information will be provided in summer 2023.

The Romance scholar Erich Auerbach has made a significant contribution to understanding the diachronic and cross-border interconnectedness of literature with his research. Expelled by the National Socialists, Auerbach was given the opportunity by host universities abroad - Istanbul and later the US universities Penn State, Princeton and Yale - to write his groundbreaking work, most notably his monograph "Mimesis", which examines the changing modes of reality representation from Homer to the Song of Roland, Dante's Commedia, Stendhal's novels and Virginia Woolf. Erich Auerbach is an incentive and model for the internationalisation of literary studies teaching in Germany.

for WiSe 2023/24 Mladen Vlashki, Prof. for Comparative Literature and Literary History at the University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Teaching language: German
for summer semester 2024 Gülschen Sakhatova, Prof. for Turkology and Central Asian Studies at the National University of Cyprus. Language of instruction: German
for winter semester 2024/25 Dúnlaith Bird, Prof. Agrégé for Irish and French Literature, Université Paris 13. Language of instruction: English
for summer semester 2025 Francesca Orsini, Prof. for the Cultures and Literatures of South Asia, University of London. Language of instruction: English