EUV / XUV Plasma Source

Complementary to the PXSCu in the hard energy regime, the short pulse laboratory also contains a laser driven plasma source for pulsed soft X-rays. Producing a plasma in a gas jet by the use of a pulsed Nd:YAG laser (Spitlight 600, Innolas, 7 ns, 800 mJ), soft X-rays with energies in the extended/extreme UV (EUV/XUV) regime - depending on the injected gas – are available.

As analytic device, a diffraction/imaging chamber was constructed in cooperation with Bruker ASC. Using a mobile and compact set-up, it allows for diffraction measurements as well as imaging experiments at the plasma soft X-ray source and synchrotron sources, respectively.


Pump laser, reaction cube with gas jet and diffraction / imaging chamber of the EUV / XUV Plasma Source.