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Examination requirements

Examinations determine the knowledge and skills you have gained in your course of studies. Without having successfully passed the exams, it is not possible to attain a degree.

Regardless of whether you are studying according to the new or old system of studies: All programmes require an independent, scientific paper to be written (Magster, Diplom, bachelor or master thesis). It is highly recommended to give this paper consideration in due time (approx. after the interim examinations or after you have acquired half of the required amount of ECTS points). Depending upon your programme of study, the intensity of work and work rhythm, 3-9 months should be planned for completion of your paper.

Examinations create a special mental stress situation. If you notice that you cannot cope with this challenge, please make sure to seek professional assistance right away from the Central Advising Office, the psychosocial advising centre of Student Affairs or one of the Christian university communities!