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Examples: What compensation of disadvantages is available?

All compensation of disadvantages measures are granted by way of individual decisions to fit the student’s needs in each case. Consequently, no generally binding statements can be made on compensation of disadvantages. The appropriate examination procedures can only be fixed individually, depending on the actual handicap(s) and the type and content of the required performance. Therefore the list below only gives some examples and is intended as a source of ideas and suggestions:

  • Possibility of having written examinations interrupted by breaks at any time (without counting the breaks as a part of the completion time),
  • Taking the examination in a separate room,
  • Replacement of one form of examination by another equivalent form, (e.g. written by oral, or working under supervision by papers prepared at home),
  • Extension of time limits for papers, written examinations, etc.,
  • Spreading examination phases over longer periods,
  • Use of technical aids and/or personal assistance,
  • Replacement of compulsory attendance by other forms of performance,
  • Splitting or rescheduling of internship periods, or where appropriate replacement of internships by other examination prerequisites.