Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I apply to the programme?
Answer: You can download the application form from this website. Please fill in the form and send it with all obligatory enclosures to the contact in Göttingen or Talca. Have a look at "Application", there you`ll find the link to the needed documents.

Question: Is there a deadline for application?
Answer: No, there is no deadline. It is up to you, when you want to apply. You can handle it flexible, adapted to your own needs.

Question: Is it acceptable to send the application form electronically?
Answer: No! We must receive a hard copy. However, we do accept letters of recommendation sent as a pdf attachment directly to us by the referee.

Question: Can I apply if I get my MSc/MA degree after application but before start of the coming academic year?
Answer: No! An MSc/MA degree must have been completed at the time of application.

Question: What kind of certification is required?
Answer: Your documents must have an original stamp and a signature verifying the “True Copy”. Typically, your university will be able to assist you in certifying your documents. Otherwise, we also accept signatures by embassies and representations or public offices, e.g. police stations.

Question: If I am a non-native English speaker and have a MSc/MA degree from a university using English as program language, do I need to provide an English proficiency test?
Answer: No! but you will need to include a written statement from your university confirming that the degree was conducted in English.

Question: Will submitted material be returned to me?
Answer: No! Submitted material is never returned. It is destroyed or filed (for accepted students).