Fellows 2012/2013

Brochure 2012/2013 (PDF)

Bill Bell Bill Bell

Crusoe’s Books/Regimes of Knowledge
solomon benjamin Solomon Benjamin

Neighborhood as Factory: Land settlement and politics as a way to think about future city economy
Charles Briggs Charles Briggs

A Counter Politics of Narrative and Violence: Infanticide and the Limits of the Human
James Conant James Conant

Varieties of Philosophical Skepticism
Lieve Van Hoof Lieve Van Hoof

Late Antique Epistolography: Letters between Literature and Society
Toby Huff Toby Huff

Max Weber and Civilizational Analysis
Roy MacLeod Roy MacLeod

The Social Role of the Man of Knowledge
Ewa Morawska Ewa Morawska

Multiculturalism ›From Below‹: A Comparative-Historical Investigation of Its Contributing Circumstances and Different Varieties
Peter van Nuffelen Peter Van Nuffelen

Ritualised Communication in Late Antiquity and The Letters of the Emperor Julian
Jyotirmaya Sharma Jyotirmaya Sharma

A Genealogy of Hindu Identity
William Uricchio William Uricchio

Television in Transition
Gert Westermann Gert Westermann

Multisensory integration in cognitive development and learning