Research group Feussner

The research of the Feussner lab is currently studying different aspects of the lipid metabolism of plants, algae, mosses and fungi. In this context we are primarily interested in the metabolism of waxes, storage lipids, sphingolipids, polyenoic fatty acids and lipid-derived signal transduction processes. For this purpose, we make use of both classical techniques as analytical chemistry and biochemistry as well as of modern approaches in the area of molecular genetics, including the generation of transgenic organisms („gain-of-function“) or mutants („loss-of-function“) of plants, mosses, fungi or bacteria. In addition the group is concerned with the analysis of defending of insect pests on oilseed rape. The department is running in frame of the infrastructure of the Göttinger Center for Molecular Biosciences (GZMB), a Lipidomics- and Metabolomics facility.