FlexNow exam administration

The exam administration software has been in use at the University of Göttingen since 1999, and since the university switched to modularised degree courses in 2007 the software has been used university-wide. Now, it handles more than 90,000 exam assessments per semester.

FlexNow Prüfungen je Semester

In order for the entire process to run smoothly from exam registration to announcement of results, the system has to coordinate the following steps:

  • Correct mapping of the directory of modules in FlexNow
  • Timely announcement of exam dates and modules allocated to a course (preferably using UniVZ)
  • Release of dates by the examination office
  • Registration (and if necessary cancellation) within the set deadlines
  • Correction and entry of results

Responsibilities for this are controlled university-wide.
Since the 2008/09 winter semester the period from the exam date to release of grades has been evaluated as part of the monitoring of degree courses.