V. Concept of the 3rd Göttingen Colloquium on IP/ICT Law

The Göttingen International Colloquium on IP/ICT provides a forum for researchers to present their research concepts and results and discuss it with researchers from institutes and universities in other European countries. A special focus is on young researchers who are working on their habilitation or PhD or research projects in the field. They will be given a chance to present a paper on their research and get feedback from renowned academic experts in the field as well as from colleagues who will comment the presentation and may contribute valuable suggestions and ideas to enrich the research work.

With European law constantly expanding it is inevitable today to include a European as well as a comparative perspective in research, esp. in the field of intellectual property law as well as ICT law where European law now provides most of the applicable legal rules. However, in the academic field there is still a considerable gap as to exchange between researchers working in the field in different European countries. The Göttingen Colloquium is meant to provide a platform for young researchers who very often are working at the forefront of research to present their national solutions and compare them with solutions followed in other countries. In addition to achieving knowledge researchers may also develop new solutions in the course of their exchange or come up with concepts for new research projects that then may be pursued in a European context.

Both the area of intellectual property law as well as ICT law have been subject to considerable challenges due to technological change in the last decades. At the same time they have been field with growing importance for legal practice. These features make them particularly attractive for young researchers with innovative ideas. In addition to the comparative aspect the special feedback with practice is part of the concept of the Göttingen Colloquium. Experienced practitioners will give feedback on the presentations but also provide input for research needs from a practical point of view. Hence the Colloquium reflects the specific tension between systematic academic research and needs of legal practice that shapes the development of IP and ICT law.

A special focus of the Colloquium is directed to the fields of copyright and patent law as well as media law, data protection and e-commerce law. This also includes issues of contract law and consumer protection. In addition, issues of liability and its limitations have been increasingly discussed. But the Colloquium is also open to issues of public law as well as criminal law and other commercial law issues related to IP and ICT. Moreover contributions on legal theory and insights from neighbouring sciences like economics and sociology would be highly welcome.

The Göttingen Colloquium will be held for the 3rd time in 2011. In the first two events it attracted researchers from leading institutions in the field from Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands and Germany who were connected through different research projects. Following the successful and inspiring course of these events we intend to include leading institutions from other European countries and establish a broad European comparative forum. In addition to substantive exchance the Colloquium also gives the opportunity to meet researchers from other countries and establish valuable personal contacts. The opportunity to publish the papers in a leading law journal will be provided.

There is no participation fee. If you want to present a paper please send an abstract to Andreas.Wiebe@jura.uni-goettingen.de. If you are interested in participating please register to the same address.

The University of Göttingen is one of Germany´s leading universities with a high international reputation. Besides, Göttingen is a beautiful small university town in the heart of Germany that is easy to get to by plane and train. When you register we will provide you with more information on organizational questions.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Göttingen!

Prof. Dr. Andreas Wiebe, LL.M