GAForN- German Alumni Forestry Network

The German Alumni Forestry Network GAForN is a network of forestry professionals, mainly graduates from German Universities, who are in responsible position in forestry in their respective countries and are involved in research corresponding to sustainable forest management. GAForN is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). It evolved from the regional network SEAG which mainly addressed Alumni from the Asia-Pacific region.

Symposia and Summerschools GAForN:

2008: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (17.-20. 12.2008) Close to Nature Forestry- Practices for Asia-Pacific towards the Millennium Development Goal Challenges

2009: Germany, Göttingen (21.9.-2.10.2009): Summer school Future Forestry: reconciling competing demands and meeting the challenges of global changes

2009: Indien, Dehradun (9.-13.11. 2009) Multi-purpose Forestry: Managing and enhancing ecosystem services and production functions of forests, woodlands and trees outside the forests

2010: China, Kunming (8.-12.3. 2010) : Academic Forestry Education: Developments and Needs

2011: Indonesien, Bogor (5.-8.12.2011) : Ecosystem based management and Biodiversity Conservation

2013: Kenya, Eldoret (8.-12.7. 2013): Sustainable Forestry in South- /Southeast Asia and Subsaharan Africa: Incentives for Close-to-Nature-Forestry