General Linguistics Colloquium (SoSe 2020)

Programme, summer term 2020

Day, place: (with few exceptions) tuesdays, 16:15-17:45, in SPW 0.114

Organized by Götz Keydana and Stavros Skopeteas

21.04.20. Start-up meeting

28.04.20. Contributions and schedule

12.05.20. Georg Höhn (Göttingen)

Reading group: Georgi & Müller. 2010. Noun-Phrase Structure by Reprojection. Syntax 13:1. 1-36.

19.05.20. Nina Adam (Göttingen):

Clitic placement in Czech and Serbo-Croatian

02.06.20. Götz Keydana, Stavros Skopeteas (Göttingen):

Harmonic Grammar reading group. 1st session: Paul Smolensky: Grammatical Theory with Gradient Symbolic Structures. 2016.

09.06.20. Götz Keydana, Stavros Skopeteas (Göttingen):

Harmonic Grammar reading group. 2nd session: Pater (2009)

16.06.20. Christine Teichert (Göttingen):

The Raising Analysis – a Strategy for approaching Restrictive Relative Clauses in English

23.06.20. Yidong Yu (Göttingen):

Pluractionality in Yucatec Maya

07.07.20. Emese Bodnár (Debrecen/Göttingen):

Expression of dynamic relations in Bahasa Indonesia

14.07.20. Saverio Dalpedri (Göttingen):

Verbal Adjectives in Homeric Greek and the Rigveda

16.07.20. (16:15, same place) Paraskevi Savvidou (Athens/Göttingen):

On the distinction between prototypical and non-prototypical evaluative morphology: corpus evidence from Modern Greek