Linguistic Structures

  • Phonology and constraint-based analyses
  • Tone and meaning
  • Morphology and Syntax
  • Syntax of the nominal domain
  • Optional number and noun denotation
  • Syntax and Prosody Interface
  • OV and VO languages
  • Clitics in Ancient Greek, Vedic, Czech, Maya
  • Spatial relations
  • Information Structure


  • Ancient Indo-European Languages, e.g., Ancient Greek, Vedic
  • Modern European Languages, e.g., Greek, Hungarian, Czech, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, French, English
  • Minority Languages of Europe, e.g., Basque, Griko, Maronite Arabic
  • Amerindian Languages, e.g., Yucatec Maya, Cabécar, Bocotá
  • Caucasian Languages, e.g., Georgian, Armenian, Batsbi
  • West African Languages, e.g., Baule, Anyi, Samogokan, Dagara

Linguistic Phenomena

  • Language change
  • Bilingualism and language contact
  • Cognitive processes and language universals
  • Social meaning and norms
  • Language and ideology

Linguistic Data

  • Corpus annotation
  • Field experiments
  • Phonetic and prosodic studies
  • Diachronic studies and historical corpora
  • Dialectometric analyses