Goslar 2005

In the time from september 27th until september 29th, the members of the Graduiertenkolleg were guests at the "Haus Hessenkopf" near the town of Goslar in the harz mountains. During a three day workshop, the graduates presented their current research in a 25 minute talk, followed by 15 minutes time for discussion and questions. On wednesday afternoon there was time for a short 3 hour walk through the harz.

Tuesday, 27.09.2005

David Engster Cluster Weighted Modeling
Xiaoqin Zhang Large eddy simulation of incompressible fluids
Krzysrof Mieloch Some nice topic
Thomas Hotz Some nice topic
Leif Boysen Estimation of discontinuities in the direct in indirect case
Anna Levina Neuronal Avalanches
Mikhail Langovoy Efficient testing of hypotheses in statistical invers problems

Wednesday, 28.09.2005
Olha Ivanyshyn Nonlinear integral equations in inverse obstacle scattering
Harry Eckel Using the reciprocity gap to solve the inverse transmission problem
Carla Conte Identifying dependencies among delays
Martin Pieper Some thoughts about a vectorial method for electromagnetic scattering problems
Katharina Surovcik Gene Prediction in Procaryotic Genomes
Achim Wuebkker Random walks and Brownian motion on the Sierpinski gasket

Thursday, 28.09.2005
Eric Heinemeyer BIE for unbounded surfaces
Harald Heese Shape optimization in super conductivity
Pedro Serranho A Hyprid method for inverse acoustic scattering problems
Christian Rieger Regularisation of ill conditioned approximation processes