A) Statistical inverse problems for Images handling and Biometrics

B) Kernel based and robust identification methods

C) Identification problems for partiel differential equations

P1T. Hohage, A. MunkStatistical Inverse Problems in Banach Spaces
P2T. Hohage, J.FrahmNonlinear Statistical Inverse Problems in Paralle MRT
P3A. MunkConfidence Sets for Edges in Noisy Images
P4A. MunkDistribution of Minutiae in Fingerprints
P5P. MihailescuAnalysis and Development of Secure Methods in Biometry
P6R. Schaback, M. SchlatherIdentification of Positive Kernels from Data
P7R. SchabackStable Bases for Kernelbased Methods
P8A. SchöbelRobust Regression Analysis
P9S. WaackModelling and Identification of Protein-Protein Interaction Surfaces
P10G. Lube, A. TilgnerDirect and Inverse Magnetic Field Problems
P11R. Kress, R. PotthastStochastic Methods in Dynamical Magnetic Tomography
P12R. KressNonlinear Integral Equations for Inverse Boundary Value Problems
P13M. SchlatherIdentification of Keim-Korn Modells based on Random Walks
P14G. LubeCalibration of Modells for Turbulent Incompressible Flows

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