Goslar 2006

The annual workshop will take place in the time from September 19 -- 21.

Tuesday, 19.10.2006

Christian Rieger
Stefan Müller Sparse Approximation with RBF's
Harry Eckel Configuration of an integral equation method for the inverse transmission problem
Xiaoqin Zhang Identification of model and grid parameters for incompressible Navier-Stokes turbulent flow
Carla Conte Identifying Dependencies Among Delays
Thomas Hotz Spatial Statistics for Fingerprint Analysis

Wednesday, 20.10.2006
Stefan Langer Convergence analysis of an inexact iteratively regularized Gauss-Newton method under general source conditions
Eric Heinemeyer High order Nystroem methods for rough surface scattering
Martin Pieper A vectorial method for electromagnetic scattering problems
Olha Ivanishyn A Newton-type method based on integral equations for inverse acoustic scattering problems
Pedro Serranho A hybrid method for Inverse Acoustic Scattering
Achim Wuebker Local limits for certain Markov chains

Thursday, 21.10.2006
Mihaela Pricop Rates of convergenve of Tikhonov regularization for nonlinear statistical inverse problems
Frank Bauer Choosing the Regularization Parameter with Very imited Information on the Noise Level
Anna Levina Branching process approximation for neural activity
Katharina Surovcik