Graduation of the 9th group of the Intercultural Theology students

On July 5 the fourth semester students of M.A.programme Intercultural Theology met for the last time in the Theologisches Stift in Göttingen. Not all 17 graduates could participate, because some students already returned to their home country or had to be present at another place. Due to the construction work along the rail route Hannover – Göttingen, the academic coordinator of the study programme in Göttingen, PD Dr. Fritz Heinrich, and one of the graduates could not arrive in time.

All attendees enjoyed the greetings and short speeches of the dean of the theological faculty in Göttingen, Prof. Dr. Bernd Schröder, the new director of the University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology Hermannsburg (Fachhochschule), Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Richebächer, and the new inspector of the Theologisches Stift, Dr. Benjamin Apsel. All speakers pointed out that the Intercultural Theology programme is very important for their institution because the completely international student group greatly enriches the mutual learning and contributes different perspectives to the theological discourse. Also students expressed their thanks and greetings to the teachers and their fellow students for multiple intercultural exchanges and encounters.

The academic coordinator of the study programme in Hermannsburg, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Schröder, highlighted the global aspect of the meeting date, July 5, in history. It was very interesting to learn what happened on a July 5 across the centuries. After the Metronom finally arrived in Göttingen, PD Dr. Fritz Heinrich surprised the attendees with a poem written himself in German and English to honour the first student from Vietnam in the programme as well as a Buddhist student from Sri Lanka. Dr. Heinrich´s poem was about Tara, a buddhist goddess, whose Vietnam statue survived the Vietnam War and found a safe place at the Cham Museum in Da Nang. Tara means star and her sphere of activity is wisdom. And wisdom is necessary to deepen your knowledge, to have experiences, to accept new challenges and to integrate different encounters.

Abschlussfeier ICT 2019

We wish all students a successful and good graduation. And may they be able to find an occupation and profession where they can use their abilities and skills to contribute to a peaceful cooperation between cultures and religions.

Cornelia Schlarb
Koordinatorin/Coordinator Intercultural Theology

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Theologische Fakultät – Intercultural Theology
Platz der Göttinger Sieben 2
37073 Göttingen