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E-learning demands and enables other approaches to intercultural learning. Test a playful introduction to intercultural learning with these apps.

One two Three? Test your counting skills (LearningApps)

Counting with your fingers often seems like the most natural thing in the world. Therefore, in situations in which one cannot verbally communicate so well, one often falls back on one's fingers. Be it when placing an order or negotiating a price. But this does not always produce the desired result. Because it is often forgotten that counting fingers is something learned and therefore cultural.

So take the opportunity and learn some counting methods while playing our apps.

All over the world you count with your fingers - but often differently!
Have you seen these hand signals before? What number could they stand for?
IKK_App Fingerzählen_1
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And did you know that you can only count from 1 to 10 with one hand? Can you match the one-handed hand signals with the two-handed ones?
IKK_App Fingerzählen_2
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21.03.2016 #App #nonverbal #Quiz

Know where? Test your sense of direction (GeoGuessr Challenge)

Whenever you come into a new environment, you look for landmarks. We'll expose you to five places around the world where participants of the i2Move workshop spent their stays abroad. Do you know where you are?

Try it: Challenge
IKK_Geoguessr Challenge

How do you orient yourself in an unfamiliar environment?
How close were you? Let us know your score.

06/22/2016 #App #Ausland #Expectations #Orientation #Quiz #Perception #Knowledge