ILO India monthly reports (1929-1969) now online

In 1919, India was one of the 42 ‘founding members’ of the International Labour Organization (ILO). The subcontinent’s worlds of labour have attracted considerable international attention ever since. In 1928, the ILO set up a ‘regional office’ in New Delhi, of which Dr. P. P. Pillai, an economist and former League of Nations official, served as director until 1947. From January 1929 until December 1969, the Delhi office prepared detailed monthly reports on the Indian labour scene and related problems of social and economic policy, which were regularly sent to the main offices in Geneva and (during World War II) in Montreal.

These reports may be used as an important resource for a variety of research projects on India’s labour and social policies during the late colonial and early postcolonial periods. The originals are preserved in the ILO Archives in Geneva. In a joint effort, historians at the Centre for Modern Indian Studies at the University of Göttingen and of the International Labour Organization’s ‘Century Project’ have now digitized the almost complete set of these reports.


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