Imshausen - a place of remembrance

The Stiftung Adam von Trott e.V. is located in the idyllically situated village of Imshausen near Bebra (North Hesse). It is a place of learning that encourages political responsibility, civic engagement and civil courage. In addition to projects and events organised jointly with the University of Göttingen, cultural events are held regularly in Imshausen. The Stiftung Adam von Trott also offers accommodation and catering to interested groups and private individuals.

The Stiftung Adam von Trott, Imshausen e.V. was founded in 1986 by the Community Imshausen, which now lives not far from the association's ground on the so called „Tannenhof“. The Stiftung Adam von Trott is particularly committed to strengthening democracy and Europe; to promote religious tolerance and community-supported economies; and to enforce human rights. Invitations to Imshausen's regular events can be found at