Faculty mentoring programmes

From the beginning of your studies, we offer various mentoring programmes to support you in your studies.

Mentoring programme by students

During the orientation phase, each new student is given so-called "bear parents" to support them. These are experienced students who will help you with any challenges you may face.
You can find more information here.

Mentoring programme by lecturer

In this programme, a lecturer offers you support in finding your way around the department, accompanies you in your personal development in the academic environment and supports you in building up a network. Benefit from the valuable experience of your mentor and register herefor the Student-Teacher Mentoring Programme.

Mentoring programme for alumni

Experienced alumni support you in your professional development.
  • can discuss professional and personal issues with an experienced person.
  • gain clarity about professional goals and career-relevant formal and informal knowledge.
  • reflect on and strengthen their own competencies.
  • make contacts for their professional future.
  • You can find more informationhere.

    Special mentoring programmes

    In addition, there are special programmes for special study situations.

    Study Buddy Programme

    The Study Buddy Programme promotes the exchange between international and German students at Göttingen University. Every student at the University of Göttingen can participate free of charge, regardless of the semester!
    You can find more information here.

    Tutoring/mentoring programme

    We offer a special tutoring/mentoring programme to students who have less time for lectures and tutorials, are not as flexible in their scheduling as others, or have language difficulties, in order to help them get started in their studies. It is aimed at students in the first four semesters who are studying under special, aggravating conditions.
    You can find more information here.