During the PhD programme, achievements covering 30 credits (abbreviated C) have to be acquired and proven when reporting for the doctoral examination. Part of this is e. g. the participation in scientific colloquia and seminars as well as the participation in an extern scientific symposium of the research area. Further information can be found in appendix 16 of the subject-specific regulations for the PhD programme "Mathematical Sciences", see here. This is a short overview:

A. Studies programme: 12 C

  • Master lectures with 4 cred. h. and 2 cred. h. exercises give 6 C. Hereof, one has to be completed successfully.
  • Master lectures with 2 cred. h. and 2 cred. h. exercises/tutorials give 3 C. Hereof, two have to be completed successfully.

In these courses, PhD students have to successfully complete the exercises and pass an oral exam of ca. 20 minutes.

B. Research programme: 6 C

  • 3 C for seminars or colloquia
  • 3 C for the presentation of research results (speech or poster on a subject-specific conference outside of Göttingen in the area of the research project of the PhD).

Conferences with a scientific schedule of 30 hours give 2 C (30 h schedule and 30 h post-processing of the schedule). If an own speech is given, an additional C is being awarded (30 h preparation time). The participation in shorter conferences can be combined with other study achievements.

C. Key competencies 3 C

  • These credits are being awarded for being a tutor for courses of the programme mathematics of the department of mathematics and computer science. Alternatively, these courses can be chosen.

D. Participation in an oberseminar 9 C

  • PhD students have to at least present their current research progress in an oberseminar three times, each presentation gives 3 C. These 3 C can also be awarded for comparable presentations in seminars or workshops of the graduate school or similar occasions.

Please do never forget to obtain a "Schein" (certificate) when completing these achievements.