During the PhD programme, 30 credit points (abbreviated C) have to be acquired and have to be proven when registering for the doctoral examination. These include, for example, participation in scientific colloquia and seminars as well as participation in an external scientific symposium in the research field. Further information can be found in the module directory (Modulverzeichnis) for the PhD programme "Mathematical Sciences", see here.

This is a short overview:

1. Research programme: 6 C

  • 3 C for seminars or colloquia
  • 3 C for the presentation of research results as a talk or poster on a subject-specific conference outside Göttingen in the field of the doctoral research project.

Conferences with a scientific programme of 30 h plus own talk count as 3 C.

2. Study programme: 12 C

  • Master lectures of 4 WLH (weekly lecture hours) and 2 WLH of exercises plus the successful completion of the module examination count as 9 C. These can be split between modules listed in the doctoral programme regulations in the proportion of 6 C plus 3 C.
  • Master lectures with 2 WLH and 2 WLH of exercises count as 6 C.
  • Master seminars with 2 WLH count as 3 C. Two successfully completed master seminars together account for 6 C - doctoral studies module.
  • A minimum of 12 C of successfully completed items from the above list is required.

3. Successfully participating in at least 3 Oberseminars (advanced seminars): 9 C

  • PhD students must successfully participate in at least 3 Oberseminars (advanced seminars) and present on their research progress. 3 C will be awarded for each successfully completed Oberseminar, these 3 C may also be awarded for successful participation and presentations during comparable seminars or workshops of the Graduate School or similar occasions.

4. Key competencies: 3 C

  • These credits are awarded for tutoring courses of the mathematics programme of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Alternatively, these courses can be chosen.

Please never forget to obtain a "Schein" (certificate) when completing these achievements.

In principle, the examination and study regulations of the Master’s degree programme in Mathematics apply to all examinations from the Master’s programme taken within the PhD programme.